Questions and answers
Is there a commission on sales?
We do not take any hidden commissions.
Is there a contract that obliges me?

No. Payment is charged in advance for a specified period of time (1, 3, 12 or 24 months). After this period, the customer decides whether to pay for the next period or not.

Can you have your own domain for a shop?
Yes, first you need to register your domain with the domain provider and then set the DNS options shown when you log in to your Videlink account.

The domain can be set so that the e-mails are on a different server and we only have a shop page.

Can I add my own logo?

Yes, in the administration panel you can modify the appearance of the shop quite a lot: change the logo, motif, color of the whole template, color and font size, add your own JavaScript code, Google map, etc., freely manage the entire menu and side panels, panels in the footer of the page, you can move side panels to the menu, to the footer, you can freely create content in panels and articles using advanced visual HTML editor.

How many products will your software support?

On an average shared hosting account - 500 thousand, on a dedicated million. In the subscription version, the maximum number of products is 200 thousand.

Who is responsible for the regulations of the online store?
Each regulation should be individually adapted to the specific store and it is the responsibility of the seller to ensure its correctness and compliance with current legal requirements.

In order to make sure that the regulations have been formulated correctly, the implementation of the regulations can be entrusted to specialists.

A regular audit of the legal office will ensure that it complies with current standards.

Will the products or other settings disappear after the test period?
No, if the shop is paid for, it will automatically switch to the subscription mode, saving all the data entered, including: settings, products, orders.

The situation is different if, despite the end of the test period, the shop is not paid for - then after 14 days from the date of the end of the test, the shop is removed from our system.

Is it possible to install an external SSL certificate in the shop?
Yes, you can install an external SSL certificate in your shop. The cost of such a service is 250 PLN net. The service includes the installation of the certificate on the store server together with the necessary intermediary certificates and maintaining the correct operation of the certificate.

IMPORTANT: The fee covers a one-time certificate installation. In the case of renewal of an external certificate, its update shall be subject to a new fee. 

We invite you to purchase SSL certificates supported by our software HERE

Will I receive a VAT invoice for the purchased services?
Yes, we issue a VAT Invoice for all purchased services on Sky-Shop when you pay for your order.
Can I change my subscription package during its duration?
Yes, you can change the subscription package during its duration but only for a higher package. In such a situation, the difference between the extra charges for the remaining subscription period is calculated. Changing the subscription package to a lower one is possible after the end of the purchased subscription period of the current package.
Can I increase/decrease the number of products at any time?

At any time you can increase the amount of products in the store by purchasing the products you are interested in through the ordering panel in your customer account.